From the overflow of a life cultivated with the balance of joy & authority, grace & strength, Bethany has a rare gift to make you laugh, all while speaking truth into the hidden places of your heart.
~ Brandon Heidemann, Founder & CEO ROYAL Corporation [Atlanta, GA]
Signature Speaking Topics:
​The "unknown" can be daunting... or it can be an adventure. Through a montage of stories from Bethany's overseas missionary life, and a set of practical faith rhythms she's learned to apply regularly, learn how God's Presence is the key to seeing life with Him as The Greatest Adventure of all. 
​​Story matters. Your story matters. Unleash the power of your story through discovering and naming the "7 Stories" that are the punch behind your voice. At the intersection of brokenness and redemption in your own life, God’s “with-you-ness” is on glorious display to encourage others. 
​50% of the adult population is single. Contrary to popular belief, singleness is a treasured gift, not a waiting game. What does It look like to thrive [not just survive] as a Christian single in today's modern world with passion, purpose, and purity? 
Bethany is available to lead retreats or workshops, speak at conferences, church events, women's meetings, single or young adult gatherings, or guest preach at your church. 
She can work around your event needs & is open to your ideas as well.
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Bethany is a gifted author, speaker, pastor, and networker. Having served in unique settings globally she speaks with an uncanny authority on God’s unfolding story in the world. She’ll inspire and illuminate any listener and point them effortlessly to hope and possibility. If you have the opportunity to have her craft story and impart truth, jump at the chance!
~ Bryan Doyle, Global Director for International Sports Federation [Dallas, TX & London, ENGLAND]
Bethany has a natural ability to tell stories that powerfully communicate emotions & insights from everyday situations. The way she perceives God's hand & presence in the flow of life & in the people around her is always an invitation to go deeper with Him.
~ Ester Montefalcone, National Director for Youth for Christ Italy [Bologna, ITALY]
Bethany is a woman on fire for the Lord! From the first time I heard her sing, I knew that God would use her voice to reach others. This is not only done through her singing, but through her preaching and speaking engagements too. She is able to draw people in through her unique view of the world that has been cultivated through her travels, and more importantly, through the love that beams out from within her. God has blessed her with wonderful talents and abilities that she strives to use whilst always living a life dedicated to His glory.
~ Linda Swanepoel, Educator at Southport School [Sunshine Coast, AUSTRALIA]
Bethany is the real deal. I have the privilege of serving as pastor of the church where she grew up. Bethany is a gifted worship leader and speaker. My wife and I have gotten to know her on a personal level and seen her passion for Jesus. Bethany is following hard after Jesus and has been used by God to lead countless people around the world to do the same.
~ Dr. Sam Holm, Lead Pastor FBC McKinney [McKinney, Texas, USA]
  • February 1 → Leading Prophetic Worship at Black & White Conference (Dallas, TX)
  • ​March 3 → Speaking at Baylor University (Waco, TX)
  • ​March 4 → Speaking at Youth Rally (Wolfe City, TX)
  • ​March 15  → Preaching at SA Vineyard Church (San Antonio, TX)
  • ​March 25 → Leading Worship at First McKinney Women's Bible Study (McKinney, TX)
  • ​April 24-25 → Teaching at Vision 2020 Women's Conference at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church (Allen, TX)
  • ​September 25-27 → Teaching & Leading Worship at YES Conference, The Flutter (Houston, TX)
  • ​Summer 2020  → Pastoral Care & Teaching & Leading Worship at Camp ROYAL (Mt Hope, WV)
  • ​October 2-11, 2020 → Leading The Hope Adventure: ITALY [Spiritual Direction Tour across Italy] *click here for more info 
  • ​October 16-18, 2020 → Leading Wonder Retreat for Cross-Cultural Workers (Tuscany, ITALY)
  • ​October 23-Nov 1, 2020 → Leading The Hope Adventure: GREECE [Spiritual Direction Tour across Greece] *click here for more info 
  • February 1-2  Leading Worship DNOW at FBC Lavon (Lavon, TX)
  • February 3 → Leading Worship at Christ Fellowship (Anna, TX)
  • March 5 → The Hope Adventure Podcast Launch (McKinney, TX)
  • ​May 12 → Teaching at First McKinney Youth - The Art of Lectio Divina (McKinney, TX)
  • ​July 1-16 → Camp ROYAL (Glen Jean, WV)
  • September 12 → Baylor University - The Power of Story (Waco, TX)
  • ​October 28 → The Flutter Women's Movement - The Power of Story Masterclass (Houston, TX)
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