"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. 
We are spiritual beings having a human experience."
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I believe one of the greatest gifts I can offer you is to help you change your pace & create space to abide in the One who desires deep connection with YOU. 

What is Christian Spiritual Coaching? 

Spiritual Coaching [a mix of spiritual direction & life coaching] is coming alongside another believer in the practice of soul care to foster wonder & discovery through the use of scripture, prayer, questions & imagination, all with the purpose of cultivating 
an ongoing awareness of God’s Presence. 

We thrive when we operate out of the realization that He is the very source & essence 
of our beings, & that He is always with us. We are never alone. 

I'm currently in Year 2 of the certification process with Sustainable Faith & the School of Spiritual Direction.
Who is it for?
  • Are you looking for a deeper connection with God? 
  • ​Are you stuck in a rut in your spiritual life? 
  • ​Are you hungry for the "more" that you know God has to offer and you just have no idea how to access Him in that way?
  • ​Are you tired of fighting for all the things that don't really seem to matter? 
  • ​Are you busy and haggard from the frenetic pace you're running? 
How does it work?
[Group & 1-on-1 sessions --> 1 hour, 1x per month*]

We will create space together to hear from the Holy Spirit through the practices of intentional breathing, silence, scripture readings, & exercises like imaginative prayer, Lectio Divina, 
Visio Divina, centering prayer, the Examen, etc.  

This time is about YOU & Him. 
I'm just a fellow companion on your journey.

*We can build a program suited to your spiritual growth goals & desires. 

“The supreme gift that one can give is to help a person live life 
more aware of the presence of God.” ~ David Benner, Sacred Companions

Bethany is great. I’ve been working with her since May 2019 & I have had clarity after every single call. She not only listens to me but helps me recenter on God.
~ Markeisha Similton, Founder of Authentic Culture [Orange County, CA]
Conversations with Bethany are always beneficial to me personally. Being a verbal processor, having someone asking leading questions about God for me to process through brings about  understanding with a new depth of focus that I couldn’t achieve alone. I'm thankful for a fellow Jesus lover & dreamer who can help me tap in to what I need of God, with practical & spiritual application.
~ Kalli Spurgin, Educator, Coach, & Entrepreneur [McKinney, TX]
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